The Clash - The Singles (2007)

sábado, 5 de junho de 2010

Banda: The Clash
Album: The Singles
Ano: 2007
1. "London Calling" (from London Calling)
2. "Rock the Casbah" (from Combat Rock)
3. "Should I Stay or Should I Go" (from Combat Rock)
4. "I Fought the Law" (from The Clash (U.S.))
5. "(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais" (from The Clash (U.S.))
6. "The Magnificent Seven" (from Sandinista!)
7. "Bankrobber" (from Black Market Clash)
8. "The Call Up" (from Sandinista!)
9. "Complete Control" (from The Clash (U.S.))
10. "White Riot" (from The Clash (U.K.))
11. "Remote Control" (from The Clash (U.K.))
12. "Tommy Gun" (from Give 'Em Enough Rope)
13. "Clash City Rockers" (from The Clash (U.S.))
14. "English Civil War" (from Give 'Em Enough Rope)
15. "Hitsville UK" (from Sandinista!)
16. "Know Your Rights" (from Combat Rock)
17. "This Is England" (from Cut the Crap)
18. "This Is Radio Clash" (from This is Radio Clash)
19. "Train in Vain" (from London Calling)
20. "Groovy Times" (from The Cost of Living)


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