The Clash - Super Black Market Clash (1994)

sábado, 5 de junho de 2010

Banda: The Clash
Album: Super Black Market Clash
Ano: 1994
1. "1977"
3."Jail Guitar Doors"
4."The City of the Dead"
5."The Prisoner"
6."Pressure Drop"
7."1-2 Crush on You"
8."Groovy Times"
9. "Gates of the West"
10. "Capital Radio Two"
11. "Time Is Tight"
12. "Justice Tonight/Kick It Over"
13. "Robber Dub"
14. "The Cool Out"
15. "Stop the World"
16. "The Magnificent Dance"
17. "Radio Clash"
18. "First Night Back in London"
19. "Long Time Jerk"
20. "Cool Confusion"
21. "Mustapha Dance"


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