Toy Dolls - Our Last Album? (2004)

quinta-feira, 17 de junho de 2010

Banda: Toy Dolls
Album: Our Last Album?
Ano: 2004
1. Our Last Intro
2. The Death of Barry The Roofer With Vertigo
3. Cheatin Chick From China
4. Davey's Days
5. No One Knew The Real Emu
6. I Gave My Heart To a Slag Called Sharon From Whitley Bay
7. Jeans Been
8. Rita's Innocent
9. She's So Modern
10. Chenky Is a Puff
11. I Caught It From Camilla
12. Our Last Outro
13. The Final Countdown
14. Tony Talks Tripe
15. Yul Brynner Was a Skinhead
16. Thank You To


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qual a senha? @michellmendonca

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