The Briefs - Singles Only (2004)

segunda-feira, 13 de setembro de 2010

Banda: The Briefs
Album: Singles Only
Ano: 2004
1.Poor and Weird
2.Rotten Love Listen
3.(I Think) My Baby Is a Communist
4.Silver Bullet
5.C'mon Squash Me Like a Bug
6.Benny's Got a Cigarette
7.Poor and Weird
8.Where Did He Go?
10.Shes Abrasive
11.Like a Heart Attack
12.Love and Ulcers
13.We Americans
14.Looking Through Gary Glitters Eyes
15.Dead in the Suberbs - The Briefs, Reactors
16.Ain't It the Truth
17.This Age
19.Come Dancing - The Briefs, Kinks
20.Poor and Weird


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